Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 390

The obsession with juicing is taking over, at least for now. While some folks do nothing but juice all day everyday for months, that's not our plan.

The plan isn't permanent for us. We wanted to reset our bodies, go cold turkey off the bad foods and hit the good foods hard. We were planning on nothing but juice through spring break, but already changed just a bit. We're doing juice for two meals, with the third meal being a salad (either fruit or veggie). The strong need to chew something is overwhelming. The need to continue to pursue the all plant diet is just as overwhelming so we had to make a concession.

We already see how the juice can be a part of our lives once this week is over. You wouldn't think a plate of fruits and veggies would turn out so tasty (and yet so ugly). This version tasted like apple juice.

And for those with no interest in juice here are some words from Ruth, who was lucky enough to captured these photos...
This owl has been in our area for nearly a month. Here he is sitting on a house roof next to the chimney. First time ever in our area.