Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 375

I have butterflies in my stomach every day. Every morning I wake up and set a time for my biking, but up until that time when I ride I'm nervous. I try and keep myself busy beforehand, but sometimes the anxiousness creeps in.

Every day before I bike the same thoughts race through my head. Will my knees make it? Will my feet and hips and back make? Will I make it? Is my goal too extreme? Can I focus enough to get through it? Is this going to be the last day my body holds out? In the last week I've biked over 120 miles and my knees, feet, hips, and back have not been too happy about the venture. But I'm determined to exercise mind over matter and continue, with the hope that it can only get better with more exercise. Every day when I get off the bike I'm pleased with what I've accomplished and I'm looking forward to having fewer butterflies the farther along I get.

Except I didn't plan on the bike itself being something I should be nervous about. But it should have been. Because for several days my bike has been broken. Multiple attempts to repair the ten year old bike have failed. While I've been trying to continue my 15+ miles a day, the miles are starting to (temporarily) decrease. A new bike has been ordered so until then I'm limping along. (Or whatever the equivalent of a limp would be while pedaling a bike).

With the whole butterflies in the stomach thing going on, I was certain when I went outside I'd find a butterfly. The closest thing I could find was a bee at work.