Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 371

I'm not a vegetable fan and I'm certainly not a carrot fan. But yesterday something made me change my mind about carrots. Well, at least one kind of carrot.

Every morning when I go to school I check with the school secretary to let her know I'm in the building for the day. Yesterday before I got a chance to turn around and go to my office, she stopped to show me her huge carrot. Her huge, gorgeous, vibrantly colorful carrot.

Even though she used the carrot last Easter and thought it was fine, she pulled it out again last Saturday. She needed something to do and didn't want to go to town and get something new, so out came her carrot. And she finished it. She's SOOO glad she did because she likes it even more now!

It was a quilted carrot tablerunner.

According to her, it was really a quick and easy project. It may have just taken her longer to pick the material out than to sew it, but it doesn't matter much. Whether she uses it as the tablerunner it is, or opts for a wallhanging option, it's the prettiest darn carrot I've ever seen.

Don't you agree?