Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 370

I had to give something up. To bike, to sew, to work, to keep trying to focus on the positive meant I had to cut something out.

Tuesday Tutorials.

I know they've been popular and I've gotten lots of warm and fuzzy comments about them (and I love those comments!), but I have to temporarily (or maybe permanently) stop doing them. It's a combination of time constraints and a lack of creativity. My creativity has been slowly draining away and what creativity I do have left I want to spend on trying new quilting techniques for the kids' quilts. And the time issue? Probably kind of obvious.

Trying to focus on the positive becomes another draining activity. I'm doing my best to keep my mind off rheumatoid arthritis issues. I hope my writing reflects more positive thinking this year than it did last year.

Something that is just like last year is the rose garden. On March 7 of last year (Day 5) I awoke to the rose garden covered in snow. Since yesterday's temperatures were in the 60s I didn't expect today, March 6, to see snow. But I did. Here in March, almost to the exact date, the garden is covered in snow. I didn't snap a picture of it this year, though.

I went with the Amaryllis that is blooming (again).