Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 385

It's time for a roundup. An update. A look at where things stand.

First and foremost, I've taken myself off all rheumatoid arthritis medications. After the last doctor visit where he suggested sending me to Salt Lake City for further tests and treatments I decided to become a rebel. Or maybe I'm trying to hide or just go into complete denial. I've had enough. I'm tired of the shots, tired of my hair falling out, tiring of feeling icky from the medications. So no more chemotherapy injections, no more anti-malaria drugs, no more $2000+ month TB-causing shots. No more. That plate of pills and shots from Day 352 is quite smaller and I'm happy about it. The absence of all those medications certainly hasn't made me feel any worse, and in fact my bad-feeling Thursdays and Fridays are now better without all the side effects dragging me down.

My biking hit a bump in the road. With the broken bike I was able to limp along a few miles a day until this weekend when it complete busted. My new bike is supposed to arrive today - daily double digit miles, here I come! Sisters, Oregon, 315 miles from my house, is my next destination and I hope to be there next week.

And the most important update - after a little bit of a break, the charity quilts are on the move again. I just finished a top using some of the fabrics from Paula O. I still have lots of the cutest kid fabric in the world that she sent and will start on another one using some of that same fabric.

Paula, thanks again for your generous donation!