Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 378

I think I got the message. It was one of those I never thought of it that way messages. And it was all about Pajama Boy. Between the comments on posts and the e-mail I've received, it seems that PJ boy (AKA hubby) has quite the support from my readers. Ever since I posted a picture of him on Day 374 (a picture he was more than happy for me to take - he wasn't the least bit embarrassed) I've been having to re-think the whining.

I whine about hubby never getting out of his pajamas. I whine about hubby going outside in his pajamas. I whine about hubby going into the casino in his pajamas. Guess I need to stop the whining.

When I get home from school, I change out of my dress clothes into my most comfortable clothes -sweats. When he comes home, he changes out of his dress clothes into his most comfortable clothes - pajamas.

When we walked away from the casino with $1500 back in March of last year, most of that money was won by him. In his pajamas.

When the mail is handed to me on Saturday morning, it's because he walked across the street and brought it to me. In his pajamas.

When the lawn is full and green and lush in the summer, it's because he fertilized it when he was wearing his pajamas.

When my crocuses bloom in the spring it's because he watered them in the fall. In his pajamas.