Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 389

I'm not a napper, but between the juicing and finally getting a new bike and doing lots of miles, the combination wore me out today.

We knew going into the juicing we'd hit a wall. We knew we'd lose some energy and some pep as our bodies were transitioning from sugar, salt, and fat-laden foods to healthy, plant-based diets. It just came earlier than I thought. I was expecting it after four or so days but it hit me here on the third day.

We prepared for it, though. That's why we started the juicing over spring break - so that we wouldn't be obligated to go anywhere or do anything, and if need be we could nap our time away.

So I napped today. I didn't exactly awaken refreshed, but I did feel better. Thank goodness it didn't take much brain power to take a picture of this strawberry before it hit the juicer.