Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 379

Several years ago I realized I was wearing the wrong size shoes. Ever since high school, I've been buying the same size in all shoes, no matter the style - dress shoes, athletic shoes, hiking boots, sandals. But a few years back when I was buying a new pair of shoes I tried on a bigger pair and found they fit better.

It would have made sense that if a bigger pair fit better, I should start buying other shoes in that same bigger size. But I'm not a shoe person and don't like shoe shopping. Other than that one pair about six years back, all my shoes are old, old. Like eight or nine years old, and in some cases 10+ years. So all these years I've been continuing to wear the same wrong size.

Too-small shoes worn every single day causes bruised toes. Bruised toes bring about bruised toenails. Bruised toenails (sorry for being gross here) brings about a big toe with a toenail that looks like it might want to fall off. And this week I learned that too-small shoes worn for 100+ miles of biking make a big toenail (sorry, again gross) really look like it wants to fall off.

So today was enough. When stopping to pick up prescriptions and some groceries I ran across some athletic shoes 50% off the last marked clearance price. I left with two new pair of shoes in my cart. Guess who is going to wear new shoes (that fit) for tomorrow's denim day at work?

How about you? Are you wearing shoes that fit just right?