Tuesday, April 9, 2019

No Sew Fabric Bookmark DIY Project - Tutorial Tuesday

For today's Tutorial Tuesday we have a quick and easy no-sew bookmark project idea.

Homemade Quick and Easy No Sew Fabric Bookmark Craft Project
For this project you will need:
*Two pieces of fabric 
*Two pieces of Heat 'n Bond Ultrahold 
*Pinking shears
*Ribbon measuring (I cut a little v into the end of mine.)

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You can find the step-by-step how to video instructions for the homemade quick and easy no sew fabric bookmark project here:

Friday, April 5, 2019

Grand Princess Last Sea Day

The other day hubby’s this is awesome quote ruled the day. Today it was me that said some words I never expected would come out of my mouth.

I’m glad we’re not going to Hawaii.

I had been working on hubby, trying to get him to agree to stay on this ship and take the next cruise to Hawaii. It’s a place we’ve been several times over and I never get tired of. But now I’m okay with not going, thanks to the kennel cruise cough I caught a few days ago. A cough that has turned into a deep down chest cold. Yesterday the sneezing and stuffy head started and now I feel completely miserable and have absolutely no interest in going anywhere but home right now. If I’m giving up on Hawaii, I know I’m sick.

So other than leaving the cabin to say goodbye to our cruise ship “son”, I’ve quarantined myself in the cabin, tucked under the covers, catching up on sleep and on movies I had downloaded. Throw in the packing and that has been the extent of my day.

The only picture I could force myself to take was of the bridge cam on the television.

Our first rainy day of this entire trip is probably a good day to be okay with letting this bug run its course. Tomorrow we’re back in San Francisco and will be heading home. I’ll do a trip wrap up sometime in the next week after I feel better.

The link to today’s Patter is here.

(Sorry for the brief, non-helpful post today. I really don't feel up to writing.)

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Grand Princess in Ensenada, Mexico

Today was Ensenada and unfortunately we didn’t make it out. All the miles we’ve walked these past few days have about worn us out. While we do some walking at home, we don’t do extended distances like we do when we travel. For good reason. For hubby, it’s the Cerebral Palsy joint issues; for me it’s the rheumatoid arthritis joint issues. I sometimes forget how bad off we will be after long-walking days. Then I remember things like doctor appointments. On August 18, 2014, I wrote on my blog about a doctor's appointment I had that day:
He is absolutely confident that I will be in a wheelchair and on disability within five years. And between now and those five years? The pain, stiffness, fatigue, and joint damage will get worse. I will never get better, never live a normal life. 
And guess what? This year I’m at that five year mark. And darned if that doctor might have been right. It won’t be much longer before I’m going to have to have a scooter for traveling.

The ship has been crazy busy with people today. Of all our ships and all our ports visited, Ensenada is the one port where we find most people stay on the ship. We hear the same two things all the time about why people won’t go out. 1. It’s dirty. 2. It’s unsafe.

I get their concerns. Our first few trips here we felt the same way. But once we ventured out, we realized those fears were unfounded. We have a special taco place we go to every time now. It’s down by the fish market, but too far for us to walk today. 
They look so good, don’t they?
So we didn't get to have our tasty fish tacos and stayed onboard with what seemed like half of the ship. We’re all missing out today, but we might be the only ones who realize it. (If you’re interested in other things to do in Ensenada, click here to see my top five things.)

Tomorrow is a sea day as we head back towards San Francisco. This has been a quick trip for us. I’m not sure we’ll do just a seven day cruise again as we prefer those times we’re gone for weeks at a time, but we’ll see.

Encouraging Words Project update: Just when I write that the messages aren’t being shared, wouldn’t you know they showed up on today’s Wake Show.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

San Diego, California

This is awesome.
This is awesome.
This is awesome.

Repeat that phrase about a dozen or so more times and you’ll know the words hubby spent the day repeating. All because of baseball.

Like I’ve mentioned before, he’s a huge, huge, huge baseball fan. He played as a kid for as long as someone with Cerebral Palsy can play before no longer being competitive. When his playing days were over, his participation didn’t end. He took over the role of bat boy through high school and the love of baseball stuck. His love continued big time today.

We left the ship in the morning, with our first stop being Richard Walker’s Pancake House. It’s a place we’ve visited before and a place that has the biggest, tastiest apple pancakes you’ll ever find anywhere. Plate-sized, several inches high, and covered in sugar and cinnamon and tender apples.

After sharing that tasty treat, we headed to Petco Park to watch the San Diego Padres play the Arizona Diamondbacks. (San Diego won.) From our walk there to entering the ballpark to finding our seats and all throughout the game he repeated the same three words again and again.

This is awesome.

He had quite the day. We had quite the adventure, walking over four miles getting there and back. Throw in the stairs in the cruise terminal? We’re pooped. (Something to know about the cruise terminal – there is only one elevator. The lady working there was cherry picking who could use the elevator and who needed to take the stairs. It’s very clear hubby is handicapped and only has use of one side of his body, but we weren’t allowed to use the elevator and were required to take the dangerous-for-him stairs. Thankfully coming back there was a gentleman working the elevator who was much more accommodating.)  I’m also a bit sunburned. While I sunscreened up before we left the ship, I sweated it all off before making it to the game.

We’re in port until 9:30 tonight, I think. Honestly there is no way we are going to be able to stay up that long so I didn’t even pay attention. Tomorrow we head to Ensenada, our last port stop of this trip.

Update on the Encouraging Word Pockets – still no Wake Show appearance so it’s clear no one is reading them and believing in them, so I’m upping the number of them I’m placing around the ship and in port.

If you’re looking for a rundown of all of the day’s activities, you can find the Patter here. I didn’t even look at it today. Taking a cruise ship to a baseball game was enough activity for us. Who is lucky enough to be able to say that after a game they get to go back to a ship? I guess it really is awesome.