Friday, November 16, 2018

Crown Princess Transatlantic Cruise Wrap-Up

The end is here. It’s the last sea day of our Rome to Fort Lauderdale Transatlantic Cruise on the Crown Princess. We missed one port because of weather (Toulon, France) but did make it to Livorno, Italy, Barcelona, Spain, Ponta Delgada in the Azores, and had 10 sea days.

Here are some of our highlights and lowlights. We:
  • Realized a 12 hour overnight flight from the US to Italy is not for us.
  • Found Rome extremely difficult for someone with disabilities.
  • Saw the Colosseum from the handy hop-on, hop-off bus.
  • Visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 
  • Want to return to Barcelona, Spain.
  • Were thankful we were able to finally make it to the Azores.
  • Experienced the longest patch of the roughest seas we’ve ever had.
  • Slept and rested more than we had planned.
  • Watched staler TV than planned. 
  • Had good conversations with like-minded people.
  • Spent lots of one-on-one time with a special crew member.
  • Found the Crown Princess in good condition.
And realized 10 sea days on a ship with sucky internet, without an on-demand TV system, and with the same old Princess buffet is probably not a ship for us. While the Crown Princess is a fine ship, I do need high quality internet for work. I’ve fallen behind on my emails (apologies to all those who are still awaiting a reply from me) and I couldn’t post as many pictures as I’d like because of the slow internet and limited minutes. Since most of our meals are eaten at the buffet, choice is important and this ship doesn’t have what we’ve seen on Caribbean Princess and the Royal and Regal Princess. And since I don’t watch TV or movies at home, I also missed having the free on-demand options on this ship.

So what’s next for us? Well, I am ditching the sling and not going to the ER tomorrow. We have too many plans I don’t want to mess with! While we have insurance that would cover if we were to cancel the rest of our trip, we aren’t going to do that. We will instead be heading down to Key Largo for a couple nights. It’s the closest, reasonably-priced lodging we could find for the special sporting event that we’re attending that is being held November 17-18 in the Miami area. Then off for several more days even farther south before making our way back to Fort Lauderdale for another cruise. And yep, I’m blogging all the way.

And waiting until I get home to deal with the shoulder.

See you tomorrow. More new adventures await.