Friday, April 5, 2019

Grand Princess Last Sea Day

The other day hubby’s this is awesome quote ruled the day. Today it was me that said some words I never expected would come out of my mouth.

I’m glad we’re not going to Hawaii.

I had been working on hubby, trying to get him to agree to stay on this ship and take the next cruise to Hawaii. It’s a place we’ve been several times over and I never get tired of. But now I’m okay with not going, thanks to the kennel cruise cough I caught a few days ago. A cough that has turned into a deep down chest cold. Yesterday the sneezing and stuffy head started and now I feel completely miserable and have absolutely no interest in going anywhere but home right now. If I’m giving up on Hawaii, I know I’m sick.

So other than leaving the cabin to say goodbye to our cruise ship “son”, I’ve quarantined myself in the cabin, tucked under the covers, catching up on sleep and on movies I had downloaded. Throw in the packing and that has been the extent of my day.

The only picture I could force myself to take was of the bridge cam on the television.

Our first rainy day of this entire trip is probably a good day to be okay with letting this bug run its course. Tomorrow we’re back in San Francisco and will be heading home. I’ll do a trip wrap up sometime in the next week after I feel better.

The link to today’s Patter is here.

(Sorry for the brief, non-helpful post today. I really don't feel up to writing.)