Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Make Easy Homemade Fabric Bookmarks - Day 265 of 365, Tutorial Tuesday

Homemade Quick and Easy Fabric Bookmarks Sewing Project

I'm an avid reader. Or should I say, I used to be.

As a kid and as a teenager I read a lot. Not just for school work, but because of my interest in knowing more things. I used to keep a list of all the things I wanted to know more about and would get books and magazines on the topics. I'd read after homework time and would read all summer long. I also kept a list of all the books I'd read after I read them. (I'm not sure why I did, but maybe it was so I could impress myself with my knowledge.)

As an adult my reading waned. Although we have many bookshelves with many books, I've tended not to read as much. I think it's because of the type of books I always buy. While I may have a couple fiction books, the bulk of the collection is self help books, inspirational books, how-to books. Reading isn't nearly as relaxing when every two pages I'm given an "assignment" of something to write down or do or whatever.

The only other type of books I read are mostly non-fiction biographies. Those are more relaxing to me, less work, and I can get into them. Knowing Christmas is coming and our Christmas Eve tradition of giving books is coming, I'm on the lookout for another one of interest.

I need another book anyway. I just made some super, super easy bookmarks with some scraps of fabric. Don't want them to go to waste!

In addition to the standard sewing supplies, for this project you will need:
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