Friday, June 7, 2019

Thinking about a Princess Cruise?

It took hundreds of thousands of miles by air, land, and sea.
Traveling to all 50 states.
Night after night after night in hotels.
Blogging about some of my adventures along the way.

It took going on over 75 cruises.
Sailing over 500 days on one particular cruise line.
Of writing a book for first-time cruisers.
And teaching cruising classes for Community Education and the library.

It took people telling me ten times over I should be a travel agent before I finally decided. Decided to find yet another new way of sharing my love of travel. I've been quietly working hard in my corner of the world and not saying a peep to anyone. But now it's official.

I am a travel agent! (Actually I like "cruise consultant" better.) I specialize in Princess cruises and am a Princess Commodore, the highest level of Princess Cruises expert there is in the travel agent world, and an official Princess Alaska Expert.