Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 243 of 365

A week ago I made a list. A list of everything I was going to accomplish on my week off. Let's see how I did.

I was going to:
  • Quilt all my unfinished quilt tops. (Finished some on Day 236, Day 238, and today. But still working on them.)
  • Do a tutorial for Stockings for Soldiers. On how to make the stockings, of course. (Check. Day 237.)
  • Call to get roofing quotes. Yuck. (Still yuck. And still not done.)
  • Write up directions for the strip quilt for my school's Project Linus blankets. (Nope, not in writing yet.)
  • Put the electric blanket on the bed. (Decided to skip it. Hubby always turns it up too high anyway.)
  • Dust, dust, dust. (Uh, no.)
  • Put new curtains up in the bedroom. Finally. (Uh, another no. Will wait until I get a new quilt on the bed.)
  • Rake leaves. Rake leaves. Rake leaves. (Not even once. It's windy, so I'm hoping the wind will blow them away.)
  • Take the casino bus for the day. Free food, $50 in free play. Yay! (Yep. Yay!)
  • Make final payments on all the medical bills that have been dragging on for ages - physical therapy, MRI, and ultrasounds. (Yep, all clear for now.)
  • If the hard freeze comes this week as predicted - pull up the pepper plants and pick the remaining pumpkins and watermelon. (Yep. And did a couple pumpkins with my daughter on Day 240 and went watermelon bowling on Day 239.)

Could have been better, but not too bad. Still have some things to get done this week so they'll have to fit in on my non-work days.

Another quilt top done for Quilts for Kids today. Embarrassingly it's the one from quite some time ago. The Wizard of Oz one from Day 157 and 163 that I never got around to finishing until now.