Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 412

My husband and daughter both wanted to have input in today's picture.

First, the daughter...
When we went to Sisters we left the kitty in the house. Alone. For three nights. Since kitty isn't used to staying home all day and all night in the house all by herself, we asked our daughter to cat sit one night. When our daughter got home and saw the list I left her she had two responses. 1. Mom, you guys spoil her. 2. I'm going to take a picture of that list and you better put it on your blog.

No, I won't put the picture on the blog, but here's what was on the list:

Kitty Schedule
  • When you get here, let her out (even if she doesn't want to).
  • 9:30-10 PM - let her in, feed her wet food.
  • 4AMish - if she cries to go out, let her out.
  • 8AMish - bring her in, give her loving, brush her, leave her in.
  • Leave bedroom curtain open (she likes to sit there).
  • Make sure she has enough food and clean her litterbox before you go.
Yeah, probably spoiled. (Update...I guess little Miss Daughter took her own picture of the list when she was home - and posted it on her Facebook page. Maybe I need to sign up for Facebook and see what else she's taken pictures of.)

Now for hubby's interest in the picture for the day...
When we got in the car in the morning at the hotel, we had raindrops sitting on the sunroof. The first morning I took a picture of the raindrop close up and hubby wanted it to be a mystery picture. I wouldn't do it. The second day we were there we had raindrops again, but this time they were frozen and had ice crystals in them. Again, he wanted it to be another mystery picture.

No need for guessing on mystery pictures. Raindrops on a sunroof. One with ice crystals, one without.