Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 399

We've always been a one car family. With hubby not driving it wasn't too hard. When our daughter started driving it became a bit more difficult. When she moved out on her own, it was even more difficult being car-less. She has been lucky enough to have a grandma close by and a boyfriend with a car, but she's been itching to get her hands on one. Ours.

We have always promised that when we were ready to buy a new car she would get the old one. We (and she) expected that time to come a couple years back. With all the health stuff with me and losing my income it had to be delayed. After getting myself back to work and having more money coming in, it was time.

Time for our almost 24 year old daughter to finally get the car. So tomorrow my mom will be bringing her over. My kiddo and I will be heading down to DMV together, me to register my new car and take possession of my old license plates (I just have to keep my old plates - those things have been through a lot with me); her to get the title transferred into her name (with no mom listed on it anymore) and her own license plate. I've talked to her a few times these last couple days and she sure is excited. And I'm excited for her.

I'm also excited for someone else. Look who is spending her time on the blanket on the dresser. Yup, kitty is trained again.