Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 407: Trip to Sisters, Oregon

As we drove our 315 miles to get to Sisters, Oregon today lots of phrases came out of my mouth. And I took pictures for each one.

Yay! I'm so excited!
On Day 373 I "rode" my way to the Shoe Tree outside Juntura, Oregon. I was sad to hear that vandals had burned it down. But today I was so excited to see folks have found another tree not too far from the original and are starting one up again.

I'm glad I didn't really ride this road on a real bike. Watching tv when I was biking was so much better than this.
Mile after mile after mile (after mile) is nothing but desert and sagebrush.

It's going to storm.
Our morning started with beautiful blue skies but along the way we encountered rain, hail, and snow.

We're here!
Self explanatory.

Where else can you not have to step a foot off your hotel room's patio and see this kind of thing?
Llamas, squirrels, and Canadian geese. Who knew geese and squirrels were so friendly towards each other?