Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 401: Mystery Revealed

I thought today I would just reveal the mystery picture from Monday, but another picture happened today, too.

Kiddo and I were heading in the rose garden this morning to count landscape timbers. The plan is to, after 10 years, finally replace the timbers. They have long since lost their color and in some cases have rotted a bit. So in order to replace the timbers we need to know how many we have.

I followed kiddo right out the door. She had already made it around the corner of the house by the time I got down the steps, but she came back. Quickly. Yelling.

"Ducks! Get the camera!"

After grabbing the camera she and I slowly and quietly made our way back around the house to find two ducks in our backyard. There they stood, looking at each other across the yard. They soon paired up and hung around, only flying back to the river when kiddo tried to feed them some bread.

Hope they bring us some babies next time they visit!

And for the mystery picture (that I thought was an easy one, but guess not) was...A box of Kleenex. The close up picture was taken of the middle of the box where the seam lies.