Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 398: Bonus Miles

I told myself when I started this cross-country bike ride one month ago that if I lost any weight on the ride, I would get bonus miles. One bonus mile for every pound I lost. Since it has been a month now, it's time to weigh in and see if I get myself any of those bonus miles.

After riding 210 miles this past month, I was sure I was getting some weight loss benefits. A couple weeks ago I noticed my clothes were fitting better. Then we started juicing 11 days ago - and we're still going strong - so I really knew there would be some bonus miles. But when I stepped on the scale, I was very surprised.

17 pounds.

210 miles of biking + 11 days of juicing = 17 pounds lost in one month!

Now, that in itself is an exciting thing. But just as exciting is that those bonus miles are getting me closer to Sisters, Oregon. I'm also excited to learn that hubby and I are going to be able to take a real trip to Sisters to coincide with my biking trip. And if all that isn't excitement enough, that trip will be taken in our brand new car that we just purchased last night. After a couple years of talking about it and having to delay it because of injury, then a surgery, and another surgery, and another surgery, then me not able to work, we finally decided this was the right time.

17 pounds and a new car. What a way to start a day!