Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 402

Hubby said today, "We're in it to lose it."

He's talking about the juicing and weight.

We made an early morning trip to the store to buy more fruits and vegetables. We go through so many every day this juicing thing has become an expensive undertaking. I have to tell myself it's worth it. We're saving money by not going out to eat, not buying soda pop, and I've gone off several of my medications.

While our grocery budget is exploding, our waistlines are not. They are getting smaller and we're feeling better. We have more energy, clearer skin, and lower blood pressure.

Tomorrow's Easter dinner will be our first real test with a real meal. We're hosting my mom, daughter, and daughter's boyfriend and will be preparing our regular Easter dinner fare - ham and everything that goes with it - but will also be providing some juice drinks for those who are so inclined. By looking at today's picture, you can see we certainly aren't short on ingredients for the juice.

I hope everyone has a nice Easter Sunday tomorrow!