Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 400

There are a lot of things I haven't done for 400 days straight. I haven't:
  • washed my dishes
  • driven my car
  • kissed my husband
  • sewn something
  • listened to the radio
  • petted the cat
  • eaten fruits and vegetables
  • exercised
  • put on shoes
  • worn my wedding ring
  • read the mail
  • used my cell phone
  • taken a vitamin

I can only think of a few things I have done every day for the last 400 days:
  • talked to my daughter
  • watched tv
  • made my bed
  • checked e-mail
  • drank water
  • taken a picture

Day 400 is just like the previous 399. (Except I made my mom and daughter drink some juice. They took a sip of my kale-spinach-cucumber-carrot-celery-apple conconction that they hated, but each drank a small glass of carrot-celery-apple.) And the other exception is that my daughter took today's picture through the moonroof as I took her and my mom on a drive in my new car.