Friday, August 23, 2019

The Friday 15

It has been a while since I posted about my Friday 15s. How well did I do at discarding and donating 15 items every week since I've been gone?

July 5
Plastic containers I no longer need.

July 12
I decided to take off all the bling off my scooter. We recently had to travel to Seattle for a few days and I was too sick and weak to make the trip. But since it was non-refundable and hubby just had to go (which meant I had to go), I needed to take Scooter along with me. I realized when I was using it I just don't have the same excitement about stuff like I used to. So off goes 20 pieces.

July 19
Two sweatshirts, one pair of shoes, a magazine, and a bedskirt not making it into the picture. An ironing mat, lantern, office chair, two dry erase markers, and a dry eraser with no picture. And a bunch of other things that did make it in a picture. Boy, I did bad in the picture-taking department this week.

July 26
Hubby can tell when I'm getting desperate for 15 items because I get him involved in scrounging the house for more things. Between the two of us we came up with 15. (I still can't believe he gave up his NASCAR favorite driver coffee mug.)
August 2
Sold on eBay: 130 different fabric scraps and a big box of yards of kids' fabrics. Another package of safari fabric and fabric panels to make Back to School books. I think all those fabrics easily count as 15.
And let's not forget my five foster kitties heading for surgery, soon to be ready for adoption at Simply Cats. Goodbye, my good babies.
August 9
More eBay sales: 24 spools of thread

August 16
12 quilts made for the residents of the assisted living center.
eBay sales: One Minions fabric panel, a Clifford the Big Red Dog fabric panel and five quilt patterns.

August 23
(No pictures this week as I was trying to get as much as I could out of the house and photos fell by the wayside.)
More eBay sales: One Roku player, one baseball bobblehead, five yards of animal fabric, a Christmas fabric panel, a package of kids' fabric scraps, 100 quilting fat quarters, and over 10 yards of gingham fabric.

Junk from the shed: a TV stand, three bottles of outdated mosquito spray, an unused drawer from the refrigerator, an old brown shelf, a busted set of plastic drawers, a vase, a hedge trimmer, an old mop, and two wooden bedposts.

Things from inside the house: A yard of random fabric, one too-big-for-me shirt, an Idaho DVD, two books, plastic drink pitcher, curtain, flower press, Halloween wall quilt, 24 sewing patterns, three Elite toiletry bags from Princess Cruises, two zippers, a pack of Christmas cards, bag of batting scraps, magazine, brand new cat collar, 10 hanging files, a PowerPoint slide advancer, two metal shelves, and a trinket box.


And with that another two months of discarding or donating (or selling) 15+ items a week is done. Since I've been at this almost two years now, I think it's time to take a donate-discard break.