Friday, August 9, 2019

Exciting Ocean Medallion App News

As I was prepping for my upcoming voyage on the Royal Princess I was updating all my apps - OceanReady, OceanNow, Ocean Compass - and ran across a new app:
It's by the same Global Experience Innovators that did the other Medallion apps. It looks like they've listened to all of us not wanting to download so many apps and have combined them into this one. Here are some screen captures:

It looks like some of the features are active now. Others, like OceanNow and JourneyView will be activated once on the ship like before. It's a 1.0 version right now so it appears to be in the early stages, but it's exciting to see things being moved into one app.

Right now I'm working on a video of all the features and will get it posted this weekend. Once I'm on the ship I'll be posting a video of those features, too. (If you are wanting to play with it, it's a bit hard to find in the app store. I actually had to click on "Global Experience Innovators" and it took me to all the available apps.)