Friday, August 23, 2019

The School Bus Blues

School is back in session in our neck of the woods. As former teachers, hubby and I have the same reaction to back-to-school time. To seeing a school bus. To even thinking about school supplies in the stores.

Anxiety and stress.
A need to run and hide.
To bury our heads in the sand.
A desire to hide our eyes and cover our ears.
An urge to escape. To get as far away from school as possible.

Between the two of us we have almost 60 years experience working in the public school system. We did our time and we don't want to do it again.

We saw more than one school bus this week. And then we looked at our to-do list from summer and it was complete. Like totally finished.

Summer projects completed:
      Wills revised  
Shrubs removed
Gravel laid down
Grass dug out
Rubber mulch down
Quilts for assisted living made
Hundreds of items discarded or donated
Landscape timbers in place
Bike ride every morning (just me, and almost every morning)
Finish travel agent training
Tree trimmed
Sprinkler valves replaced
Garbage cans cleaned
Shred old documents
Be a foster to a momma cat and her five babies
So we decided it was time to really hide and escape and get away from home. Here are some clues as to where we are at right this moment:
  • It took two flights to get to today's destination.
  • The stopover airport was Seattle.
  • The place we are currently in has been experiencing its hottest temperatures ever.
  • Smoke hangs in the air from the numerous forest fires. Heavy enough you can smell it.
  • We were able to pack lighter because we won't be renting a car this time around so no need for the phone/GPS holder or the handicapped placard.
  • No snorkel equipment was packed.
  • No sandals or swimsuit cover up was packed.
  • We paid all of three dollars ($2 for me, $1 for disabled hubby) to ride the bus from the airport to downtown.
  • From the bus we walked across the street to our hotel.
  • We saw spectacular views from the airplane window before we got into the smoke-filled skies.
Snow? Nope. Something else cold.

We are on the move tomorrow, so stay tuned to find out what's up.