Friday, June 28, 2019

The Friday 15

Let's see how well I did downsizing this month...

June 7:
We have a one quilt going to our neighbor's nurse. Two Princess bags being stuffed full of snacks and handed off to a crew member. Three Effy necklaces going to the same crew member - one for her, one for her momma, and one for her daughter.
One grill tray for the BBQ that hubby tossed without a picture. Air freshener plug ins, magazines, Alaska knick-knacks, and a sweater. 
June 14:
Do you ever pick things up, thinking they would be a good resource? Well, that's what I did a while back with these cruising brochures. I thought they would be helpful for folks in my cruising classes to look at. But the pricing in cruise brochures are just outrageous! So other than teaching them not to book a cruise at the listed prices the books haven't come in as handy as I thought they would. So they must go to someone else.

Then throw in some full packages of binding and lace and a big bag of miscellaneous bindings and lace and a couple pens and away goes 15 more items.

June 21:
I'm just about tapped out of things inside the house to get rid of. One last time through my bathroom, sewing room, and office drawers netted 15 more items. Hubby's not going to be happy if I start heading towards his shed next! 

June 28:
Yep, I had to raid the shed.
A saw, hammer, and an ice chest that didn't get pictures. 2 pair of shorts that went to my daughter without a picture. And a bunch of other things makes 15.