Saturday, June 29, 2019

Concierge Lounge on the Royal Princess

Concierge Lounge for suite passengers on Princess Cruises
Suite guests sailing on Princess Cruises have several benefits accompanying their cabin category. Royal, Regal, and Majestic Princess suite passengers have an additional perk - a Concierge Lounge (VIP Lounge on the Majestic). Today we're talking about the Concierge Lounge on the Royal Princess.

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On Deck 14 Aft is where you will find the Concierge Lounge.
It's shares the same foyer with the Wedding Chapel and can be accessed on both the port and starboard side.
If you happen to be wandering Deck 14 and come across these full length windows along the passenger hallways you know you're in the right spot.

Entrance requires a key card.

 The lounge is open 24 hours a day while the Concierge has set desk hours. 
What can the Concierge do for you? How about assisting with such things as shore excursions, dining reservations, and spa appointments? Need to check-in online with your airline and get your boarding passes printed? He can do that, too. 

The lounge has coffee, tea, and juices. They are serious about their coffee here.
Cappuccino, espresso, latte, double shot, milk foam and more. 
The machine also has button for decaf and hot water.

You'll also find snacks in the Lounge.
At breakfast you'll find pastries and fruit.

Other times you'll find sandwiches, wraps, cheeses, and cookies.

They do have a wash basin and antibacterial cleaner dispensers.

The description of the Concierge Lounge states it's a good place to work. I found that part not to be true. The tables are lower and not conducive to typing or writing but it is a quiet place to relax. There is plenty of seating but we never saw but a couple other guests during our visits. 

There are books and games and a couple TVs. 

Plenty of outlets were around the room in case you needed to do some charging during your Lounge stay. Might come in handy before heading off to the airport. The Concierge Lounge is also a private disembarkation lounge for suite passengers on that last morning onboard. 

Remember, the Concierge Lounge is currently only for suite passengers sailing on the Royal, Regal, and Majestic Princess.

Concierge Lounge for suite guests on Princess Cruises