Saturday, May 4, 2019

5 Things to Keep in Your Cruise Carry-On

5 things to pack in your cruise ship carry on

It may be obvious to keep your travel documents, money, electronics, and medication in your carry-on, but have you considered these other musts carry-on keepers when you're cruising?

1. Antibacterial hand cleaner and spray or wipes. When you get into your cabin you'll want to get things cleaned up a bit. While the cabin stewards work hard at prepping cabins for you, they can't always get to every single spot the former passengers may have touched. And what about the steward himself? While the supervisor keeps him out of cabins when he's really, really, sick, stewards do continue to work when they are a little bit sick. Start off with a clean cabin to help with those germs. And use that anti-bacterial hand cleaner generously as you move about the ship. Not every handrail and chair back was cleaned before you touched it.

2. Chargers for the electronics. When you drop off your luggage at the port the porters load it onto a cart. The luggage is then scanned to check for weapons, alcohol, and other prohibited items before being delivered to your cabin. This process takes time so your bags won't arrive at your cabin until the afternoon or evening. What if your phone is dying and you need to make last minute calls before the ship sails? Keep those chargers with you, just in case.

3. Medical devices. Sure, you could pack that CPAP in your checked luggage so you don't have to lug it onto the ship, but did you know your luggage might not arrive before bedtime? Sometimes tags fall off or aren't placed on the luggage at all. If you rely on your CPAP for a good night's sleep, you might not want to risk it. While you'll eventually get your luggage back, it'll most likely require a visit to the Passenger Services desk to track it down. Better safe than sorry on this one.

4. Swimsuit. Get in a swim or work on a tan before Muster Drill? Yes, please! Change into your swimsuit to start that relaxing vacation right away.

5. Anything else needed before dinner. Want to freshen up or change before dinner? Either pack those things in your carry-on or roll the dice and hope the luggage shows up in time. In most cases we've received our luggage before dinner but there have been a couple instances when we haven't seen it until afterwards.

What do you think? Is there anything else you'd add to the list?

5 things to keep in your cruise ship carry on