Thursday, May 16, 2019

Cruising Alaska: Royal Princess in Glacier Bay

When I teach my Cruising Alaska classes I always save the Glacier Bay part of the presentation until the end. Like I've said before here on the blog as well, Glacier Bay day is always special. And always spectacular. Rain or fog or sun, there is nothing like it. It is what I consider pretty much the best day of any Alaskan cruise.

How can it not be when you turn on the ship's bridge cam on the TV first thing in the morning and see this?
Pinch me now.
Before I show off Glacier Bay, there are some things you need to know about the day:
  • Park rangers join the ship for the day. 
  • Since it’s a National Park you'll receive a map in your cabin, just like the maps you receive when you drive to a National Park.
  • They have makeshift ranger station set up onboard. You can get your questions answered, buy National Park items, and get a National Park passport stamp. They also have a Junior Ranger program for the kiddos.
Here's today's Park schedule.
  • There is a limit on how many ships can be in Glacier Bay on the same day. Today we had Norwegian Bliss leaving as we were heading in.
It may not be our ship, but it makes for a pretty picture.
  • Shops are closed for most of the day and the casino is closed until after the rangers leave the ship.
  • Limited activities are happening around the ship during the day – the focus is on the park.
  • No paper cups, straws, or napkins are allowed in any of the venues.
  • The ship sends out a smaller boat to take photos.

Just like almost every single day I've ever been in Glacier Bay National Park, the day didn't disappoint. I'll just leave you with pictures of the beauty surrounding us today. There are just not enough words to describe it.

Want to know more about Glacier Bay and more scenic cruising? You can search using key words and come up with a slew of posts, but you can also check out my Cruising Alaska resources section here where you'll find the most recent posts.

Tomorrow we're off to a semi-sea day as we have some sea day time and some scenic cruising time in College Fjord.