Saturday, May 11, 2019

5 Things to Know about Inside Cabins

If you're trying to decide whether to stay in an inside interior cabin for your next cruise vacation, check out these five things you need to know before booking one.
5 things to know about cruise ship inside cabins

1. They are small.
The specific size depends on the cruise line and ship, but you might be calling 150 square feet your home for the week. A family of three or four would probably want to veer away from the inside cabins. Bunk beds anyone?

Despite the smaller size there is storage in drawers and cabinets and shelves and closets. Storage even exists under the bed. Take a peek - that’s not a box springs under the mattress.
Nesting suitcases will fit nicely there. Larger suitcases can be left opened and slid under the bed. Who knew underbed storage could be created with an open suitcase? 

2. They are dark.
The lighting of the cabin is more than sufficient – bright even – but once all lights are off it is dark. Very dark. Just leave the bathroom door slightly ajar to use as a nightlight.

3. They are inexpensive.
Interior cabins are typically the cheapest cabins on the ship. You'll get the same meals, entertainment, and ports of call as someone staying in a suite paying five to ten times as much. If you don't mind the dark room, save money on your cabin.

4. They make you get out and about and enjoy more of the ship.
Do you stay in your bedroom at home all day? Heck, no. So you'll find you won't be spending all day in your cabin on the ship, either. It'll force you to get out there and explore the ship, meet new people, or participate in activities. Want quiet? Find a nice place to sit that few people know about.

5. You'll sleep more.
An inside cabin is perfect for a restful and relaxing vacation with lots of naps and plenty of opportunities to sleep in. Without daylight to wake you up, it's easy to accidentally sleep in. Who wouldn't want that on their list of a dream vacation day? Sometimes we do tune into the ship's web cam on the TV so we would know when morning came.

If you aren't claustrophobic, inside cabins are a good value for your money. For us, cheaper cabins = more cruises.
5 things to know about cruise ship interior cabins