Thursday, September 13, 2018

Caribbean Princess Sea Day, September 13

Hello from a warm and cloudy day at sea.
There were a couple things that happened last night worth mentioning. First, our new cabin steward rocks it in the animal towel department. He heard about our old steward doing my Tutorial Tuesday video onYouTube and I think our new guy is ready to show off his skills, too. Before we headed to the Most Traveled Guest Party he took about two minutes to make us this:
I think I might have to feature his work on a Tutorial Tuesday, too. It has been so fun to see the stewards excited to show off! And they both showed off more when they were the stewards featured in today's towel animal demonstration in the Piazza. (I'm including the video here so they can send it back home to their family and friends.)

The second thing worth mentioning that happened last night is one of the worst examples of a passenger's behavior I've ever seen. Sometimes at the Most Traveled Guest parties a passenger may use the time to complain about something. But last night, near the end of what was a great evening with great conversation (hi, Raymond!) the passengers sitting next to us called over the pastry chef. They proceeded to demean and degrade him and tell him how terrible of a job he did. The lady said it was a good thing he wasn't around the night before when she was forced to eat disgusting Black Forest Cake at dinner because if he had she would have jumped him. Like physically. She went on and on and on - and she was loud about it. It was embarrassing to watch. I have never seen anyone, let alone one of the top 40 most traveled passengers on Princess, be so abusive to someone on the ship. While we didn't intervene in the verbal beating, I did go find him afterwards and tell him her behavior was uncalled for. I also told him the peanut butter and jelly macarons from today's party (and last week's party) were to die for. And he gave me a hug.
So delicious!
Other things of note around the ship:
*The International Cafe gals are just amazing. Every morning along with hubby's coffee they deliver special treats. Today they were Dove chocolates with sayings inside the wrappers. We were both so anxious to see what the wrappers said that we ate all six chocolates.

*My $100 loyalty credit from this cruise finally posted. Woo hoo! So if hubby hadn't visited the medical center we would be walking off the ship after 31 days with absolutely no charges to our account. But even with the medical center charges we've done darn great in the ship spending department. Plus travel insurance will reimburse the charges.
*We get off on Deck 4 when going ashore in port. Yes, at every single port this entire trip. (Fort Lauderdale is the only place where they are different decks.) After spending so much time in Alaska where tides fluctuate greatly and they change decks frequently, it's nice to have the consistency of knowing exactly where to go. 
*After hubby's last fall he can't get out of bed by himself anymore. So to give me more room to help lift him out, we had to have the steward change our beds from a queen set up to a twin set up. The only downside is the sheets on the twin beds slip around much more than on the queen bed. Toss and turn too much and your bottom sheet winds up being half off the bed by morning.
*I got back to the cabin after lunch and we had yet another bouquet. Thank you, thank you!

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