Saturday, September 8, 2018

Caribbean Princess Embarkation Day, Sept 8

Unfortunately, it happened again.

Three weeks ago hubby had a fall in the Fort Lauderdale airport. Today we had planned on being back in the same airport to fly home but decided to stay on for one more cruise. Since we weren't planning on being gone another 10 extra days we needed to walk over to Walgreens to stock up on supplies. And it was on that walk where it happened.

He fell. He's pretty darn sore and has a couple swollen body parts. The outside looks to be in better shape than the fall three weeks ago but he's feeling like this time he's in worse shape, especially when adding in the back that is acting up. We are so very thankful for the two crew members from Princess who were walking by and stopped and helped him up off the ground. They told us they worked in the engine room but we sure wish we had gotten their names. Anyone have any idea how we could track them down?

We also had another kind gesture happen today. When we were leaving our cabin this morning, the supervisor on our deck stopped to arrange the move of our things. I mentioned that we had received flowers during the week and wanted to bring them with us. They were looking a bit sad so he said he'd take care of it and get us new ones. When we arrived at our new cabin, by golly we had a new bouquet.

We also had something exciting today. I'd heard rumblings this past week about another special guest coming onboard today (no, not another member of the Love Boat cast). While Captain Stubing's visit was a highlight last cruise, this week we had a visit from Jan Swartz, President of Princess Cruises. She stopped by our Medallion meeting.
Jan and John. (Apologies for my fuzzy picture taking.)
She joined John Padgett on stage to talk about the Medallion roll-out. Like I've said before, the folks heading up the project, as well as those on the ship working on the project, have been nothing but gracious as I've been asking questions. I feel extremely fortunate to have them willing to give me some of their time. Thanks, everyone! (You know who you are.)

Again this cruise I'll continue to post daily Medallion updates. To make the progression of the roll-out more clear I've grouped the posts by week.  You can find today's post here.

Want to see the progression of the roll-out? I started on Caribbean Princess back on August 18. Check out how we got here:

Encouraging Word Money Pocket Drop Off:
I haven't decided where I'm going to place it yet. I was going to do it this morning but with hubby's fall, then the Medallion meetings, then getting hubby medication and tucked into bed I haven't been back out. I'm guessing I'll find some super-secret place later tonight.

Tomorrow is another attempt at Princess Cays. After the conversation hubby and I had today, this week may be one of him staying on the ship and me going off and doing my own thing. After this last fall, he sees the writing on the wall and is feeling a bit down. It's either give up traveling or find some type of walker a one-hand man can use.

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