Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Caribbean Princess in St. Thomas

7:30 am - pack the snorkel bag
8:00 am - go to the Future Cruise Consultant office to book something
8:20 am - pick up hubby from the International Cafe
8:30 am - walk off the ship to grab a taxi 
9:00 am - catch the ferry from Red Hook to St. John
Eat breakfast at the Cruz Bay Landing restaurant in St. John. Get a taxi for an island tour. Stop at Trunk Bay for a few hours of sunning and swimming and snorkeling.
3:00 pm - catch the ferry back to Red Hook and grab a taxi back to the ship.

Not being able to stop in Princess Cays because of the hurricane allowed us a full day on St. Thomas. Which meant we should have had a nice chunk of time on St. John. But you know us, things don't always go as planned.

When I went down to International Cafe this morning to pick up hubby up on the way off the ship I found him in a bit of pain. He had wrenched his back and couldn't hardly move. Couldn't hardly talk because of the pain and barely could get out of the chair. Poor guy.

So instead of an 8:30 walk off the ship time we took the elevator back to the cabin and he wound up with an 8:30 stretch and heat compress and massage time. Finally by 11:00 he thought he might want to take the short walk to the Smoking Rooster for a couple of glasses of sangria to dull the pain. He thought after those then he'd really be ready to go. We were at the Smoking Rooster a couple weeks back so he knows what the drinks can do. Here's the recap of that visit.

But today two glasses of sangria turned into three. And three turned into four. Of course I kept up with his number of drinks, just with the Mai Tais and a new drink, a Blue Parrot Tail. 

And 11:00 turned into 3:00, just like that. We talked to the server who waited on us just a couple weeks ago. We love hearing people's stories! We talked to the guys smoking the meats. Don't tell anyone, but the guys cut off the end of one of the racks of ribs as they were pulling them out of the smoker and gave them to us. Oh. My. Goodness.
We shared an Italian Beef sandwich and decided we had to call it a day. We headed back to the ship and hubby went to take a nap and I went right to the spa pool and stripped. Thank goodness I still had my swimsuit on, right? I floated a bit then plopped myself into one of the comfy loungers and proceeded to fall fast asleep.

It was not what we planned for the day but it still wound up being the umpteenth perfect day.

Here's the Smoking Rooster menu, just in case you're ever in St. Thomas.

Medallion™ Update:
To make the progression of the roll-out more clear I've grouped the posts by week. Today we're talking about the information on the current cruise cards versus the Medallion.

You can find the post here on the Sept 1-8 update page.
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Encouraging Word Money Pocket Drop Off: Left at the Smoking Rooster. 

Tomorrow we're in St. Maarten. If hubby's back holds out we're heading back to Orient Beach for the day and have the Most Traveled Guest Party tomorrow night. Should be a full day.

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