Sunday, September 9, 2018

Caribbean Princess at Princess Cays

Occasionally I go back and reread past blog posts. I started the blog seven years ago to help me get through a rough patch of life. Then we had a good patch. Then a bad patch. Then a good patch. See a pattern? If not for documenting our lives in writing I would have forgotten the details of the bad patches. And the good patches. I know we need both. If not for the bad times we wouldn't appreciate the good times. If not for the good times we wouldn't be able to continue during those bad times.

I think we're in a transitional phase right now. Hubby's latest fall has landed him in a bad spot. He's needing help to even get out of a chair right now. He's become one of those cruisers he doesn't want to be. Those cruisers he sees who struggle to talk or move or walk. Those cruisers who are dependent on a traveling companion to take care of their every need. Usually those cruisers are in their 80s and 90s. Hubby is only 58.  It's a gorgeous day at Princess Cays and he's flat of his back in bed and I'm close by in Skywalkers doing some work. I see the blue water down below and it breaks my heart that I can't be snorkeling in it right now and am instead having to stay close so I can keep going back to the cabin to check on him. But it breaks my heart even more to know what he's having to go through.

These kinds of moments are when it's time to dig deep. To truly live by the words on my tattoo.
The view up here in Skywalkers helps.
Look at that color of water. It matches the colors on the ship. So beautiful!

Having a cabin steward that uses the mailbox I made for our door helps. Look at the mail we had when I took hubby back to the cabin after his coffee. I guess I'll need to be filming this new steward for a towel animal tutorial, too!
Hearing from blog readers also helps. Thank you for the kind emails. I'm so glad you find this blog helpful in preparing for your travels.

Delivering the encouraging word money pockets helps, too. Today I left it in a sugar container at International Cafe. I met someone who reads the blog (hello, T!) not long after I left it there, so someone on the ship knows exactly where to find it.

And actually, doing the Medallion™ updates help, too. Writing them each day has given me the chance to go on a little treasure hunt, searching out new construction and screens and features. (It also helps that I have a bit of insider info.) It really has been fun to watch the progression of the roll-out over the last few weeks. I've also enjoyed listening to new passengers as they talk about it.

As you know, to make the progression of the roll-out more clear I've grouped the posts by week. You can find today's post here.

Want to see the progression of the roll-out? I started on Caribbean Princess back on August 18. Check out how we got here:

Tomorrow is a sea day and then we're off to St. Thomas the day after. Based on the current tropical storm/soon-to-be hurricane out there I suspect we may need to change our scheduled itinerary sometime in the next few days. We are blessed no matter where we go.

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