Thursday, September 6, 2018

Caribbean Princess Sea Day, Sept 6

As kids hubby and I both grew up in poverty. Food stamps and all. Life is never easy and you never think there is a way out. But education was our way. College and careers. It still wasn't big money - public school teachers in Idaho didn't make that much but it was better than we'd had before. Growing up poor, cruising is something we never ever considered being a part of our future lives. Then after 20 years of marriage (and saving) we were looking for a way to celebrate our anniversary in a big way. It was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. A cruise. Seven days roundtrip from Seattle to Alaska on the Diamond Princess. Somehow that once in a lifetime trip turned into something we fell in love with. For us, getting to go again and again (and again) is nothing short of miraculous.

And if not for the Love Boat we probably wouldn't have ever started. As a kid, watching Captain Stubing and Julie McCoy and Doc and Gopher and Isaac each week (and let's not forgot all the tv and movie stars showing up each week) made me think there was another life out there. Granted, not one I would ever live, but it was out there.

So it was quite surprising when we booked this cruise last minute and received an email about who would be onboard. We hadn't seen any activities listed in the Patter about him yet. But he showed up today.

We watched his biography in the Princess Theater and then stayed for the Q & A session. He told touching stories of his life. He also had a book signing and photo opp session, but the crowd was from Wheelhouse all the way to Club Fusion so we didn't stand in line.

Listening to him tell stories about Marion Ross and Mary Tyler Moore and the filming of the Love Boat was enough. It definitely was a how did I get this life? kind of moment for me.

Who is that special guest we have joining us? None other than Captain Stubing, Gavin MacLeod.

That was pretty much the highlight of the day.

Coming in second was getting a look at the new accessories for the Medallions. The case in the Ocean Front area off the photo gallery is full of them. Click the link under the Medallion™ Update section below to see the pictures.

Getting the disembarkation paperwork and luggage tags came in a close third. Not because we're excited to put them on our suitcase, but because we were excited to not need them. Yeah, we called yet another audible and decided to stay for one more cruise. (If you're counting, that makes four back-to-back cruises.) By the time we leave this ship we will have had 31 days here. Yay! Or as hubby likes to say, "Booyah!" (Whatever that means.)

The sunrise has to be on the list somewhere. It had to be a good day when the sunrise might be the fourth best thing of the day.

Medallion™ Update:
To make the progression of the roll-out more clear I've grouped the posts by week. Today we're talking about the new Medallion accessories. 

 You can find the post here on the Sept 1-8 update page.
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Encouraging Word Money Pocket Drop Off:
Restroom behind the buffet.

One more sea day tomorrow as we head our way back to Fort Lauderdale.
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