Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Caribbean Princess in St. Thomas

Before I get started with anything about the day I have some thank yous I'd like to dole out today. 
  • Thank you to those who understand the importance kind words have on others. To those who understand choosing to be joyful makes all the difference. And to everyone who has been emailing me to share stories of  your own encouraging words/dollar bill projects, please continue to spread your love and gratitude. 
  • Thank you to the gals working in the International Cafe on the Caribbean Princess. You give my husband a reason to get out of bed in the morning, no matter how much pain he is in. Readers, if you see any of these ladies, please give them a hug and tell them thank you for their kindness to Ed.
  • Thank you to John Padgett from the Carnival Corporation for allowing me insight into the inner workings of the Medallion roll-out process and for the support you've given me as I work at delivering an honest account of my experiences on the ship. I hope you've found my coverage fair and factual. And thank you to the team - from Vicki and Francois to Korli and Andrew. All of you have been extremely helpful and supportive as I've asked my dozens and dozens (and dozens) of questions. 
  • Thank you to those people who understand how much work blogging from a cruise ship every day really is. While I'd like to say I can sit down at the computer and type something up in a few minutes time, I can't. I have to think it through quite a bit before I ever start writing. Then I write and re-rewrite and proof it. I then post it and BAM, find mistakes. As much as I'd like to be perfect I'm not. I enjoy what I'm doing and if what I share is a little bit helpful to others I'm a really happy camper.

Okay, back to the day. 
Hello from St. Thomas! Three visits to St. Thomas and three visits to The Smoking Rooster. 
Can't beat days like this one.

The guys doing the smoking had already finished up for the day. Darn!
But Tish, the server who has been taking care of us these past few visits, had already put in our drink order before we ever sat down. Thanks, Tish! 
She's also the one who last week recommended an amazing drink, the Blue Parrot Tail. Oh, my. Just look at all the rum that Lily the bartender puts in that thing!

And the BBQ at The Smoking Rooster? It's just darn good.

Today we even had live music today from St. Groovus.

It was a no other place day. What's that? I wrote about it here over a year ago.

Medallion™ Update:
To make the progression of the roll-out more clear I've grouped the posts by week. You can find today's post here.

Want to see the progression of the roll-out? I started on Caribbean Princess back on August 18. Check out how we got here:

Encouraging Words Money Pocket Drop Off:
I left it in a sugar container at International Cafe. Two couples who are blog readers know exactly where I was sitting.
Can you believe I ran out of labels today?
Tomorrow we are off to San Juan.

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