Friday, August 31, 2018

Caribbean Princess Sea Day, August 31

Hubby and I are people watchers (and listeners). Here are just a few of the comments we've heard over the past two days:

"This is bull sh**. Even hotels have free wi-fi."

"There is no way I'm paying thirteen dollars a day for him to clean my room twice a day."

"The food is terrible on this ship."

"I hate this itinerary. It's too hot."

"Carnival is better than Princess."

"I can't wait to get off this boat."

These comments clearly demonstrate how crucial it is to make sure you've researched the cruise line, ship, and itinerary before booking a cruise. Not all cruise lines are a good fit for all people. And not all people are a good fit for a cruise.

Like our neighbors this cruise. They have already refused to pay the gratuities, they smoke on their balcony (yes, we reported it), leave their dirty dishes in the hallway, and throw their dirty towels outside our cabin. And these aren't kids doing this - these are two middle-aged ladies. Come on, people.

We've traveled enough to know nothing is ever perfect and also know a trip is what you make of it. If you look for problems you will find them; if you look for the good you'll find it. We choose to look for the good.
Another pretty sunrise
Not much else going on for us today. I went to the crafting session, hubby has been out and about visiting with crew, and I did some writing. We're on for another leg of the journey so no packing tonight for us. Our cabin doesn't ever get messy, but after two weeks on the ship we wound up with a junk drawer. You know, like a junk drawer at home. A camera battery charger, directions for my tape recorder, a butter knife and a napkin, pillow chocolates, some straws, a sugar packet, a few loose dollar bills, an encouraging word money pocket, a pen, fingernail polish, crackers, sunglasses, and the drops for the snorkel mask were all thrown in there together. Oh yeah, and a pair of socks and undies. All nice and neat now!

Medallion™ Update:
I've combined my updates to make the progression of the roll-out more clear. 

August 18-25 updates can be found here.
August 25-Sept 1 updates can found here. I added a picture today of the progress of the area near the photo gallery. Sure is looking pretty.
Sept 1-8 updates can be found here.

Encouraging Word Money Pocket Drop Off:
Left in the buffet seating at lunch.

Tomorrow we're back in Ft. Lauderdale for turnaround. We are hoping the third time's the charm in our attempt to get to 5 O'Clock Charlie's.

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