Sunday, August 19, 2018

Caribbean Princess in Princess Cays

Today should have been our walk to the end of Princess Cays so I could snorkel past the pavilion.
But hubby is a bit worried about walking so far and getting too tired and falling again. And I worry about going by myself because I don't have a snorkel buddy. He doesn't swim, he doesn't snorkel, but at least he is on shore and can alert anyone if I'm gone way, way too long. 

So we stayed on the ship today. And hung by the pool. Nice and quiet.
I got my swim on. But then I got something else.

Hives started on the inside of my arm. Went up my sides and down my legs. And they are itchy.
I haven't eaten anything I don't usually eat and haven't worn anything I don't usually wear. I figure it is from one of two things: the pool or the bathroom towels.

We have some new super-soft bathroom towels in the cabin. So new that the fuzz comes off on your body after showering. It could be there were still some latent chemicals in them that didn't yet wash out. Since I need some Benadryl, I guess I'll be using the Tylenol PM, too. (The PM kind has Benadryl in it.)

Not much else was accomplished today. I got myself dressed long enough to get to lunch and dinner but otherwise tending to my hives. I did run into a fellow blogger and her husband at lunch today and got to visit a bit. Her name is Vickie and you can find her blog full of posts about Princess cruises HERE. Hers is one of my go-tos when I want accurate information. (Side note on the buffet at dinner tonight - there was nothing at the carving station. Zip. Nada. Never seen that before.) 

Medallion™ Update:
I've combined my updates to make the progression of the roll-out more clear. 

August 18-25 updates can be found here.
August 25-Sept 1 updates can found here. 
Sept 1-8 updates can be found here.

Encouraging notes money pockets:
For the last several years I’ve been giving away dollar bills with notes of encouragement. (I did a tutorial on them last month. You can find that here, if you're interested.) I’ve left them in restrooms and airplane magazines and sugar containers. I’ve left them in windowsills and tip jars and hotel room drawers. I’ve left them on buses and taxis and trains. Sometimes I place one somewhere once a day and other days I drop them off multiple times.

Today's money pocket was dropped off in a sugar container in the buffet.

I was planning on posting menus, but they are no longer posted in the buffet area. I wasn't up to traipsing down to the dining room to snap photos today. Sorry about that.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something about today but my mind is more on scratching right now. If I think of something else I'll add it to the post later.

Tomorrow is a sea day and formal night.

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