Friday, August 17, 2018

A Pleasant Stopover in Seattle

When we booked this Boise-Seattle-Dallas Fort Worth-Ft. Lauderdale flight we made sure we had a nice long layover in Seattle. We like Seattle a lot. Travel there several times a year, even. So any opportunity we have to have a flight take us through Seattle, we try and get a generous stopover.

Our plan could have taken us to Pike Place Market to have delicious salmon croquettes at Lowell's, or to Ellenos to get some Greek Yogurt. If the Seattle Mariners had a home game (they didn't) we would have had enough time to get in several innings of a baseball game. We had enough of a layover we could have done at least one (even maybe two) of the things I have on my 5 things to do in Seattle list.

But we went with the simple, relaxing, non-rushed route instead.

We walked through the airport past all the Terminal C baggage claim carousels. And past the Terminal B baggage carousels and past the terminal A baggage carousels. All the way until we got to the door to the outside. From there we walked towards the scheduled shuttle service stops and the city bus stops.
We walked past all those buses and followed the sidewalk out from the airport area...
towards International Boulevard...
to where the entrance/exit of the airport and International Boulevard met. Our destination, 13 Coins restaurant, is just across the street.
It looks like it was a long walk, but it wasn't. I'm guessing from the outside door of the airport terminal to the restaurant was half a mile or so.

It was at 13 Coins where hubby had the most tasty spinach salad. Yeah, he kind of went overboard on the pepper.

And I had an even more delicious meat bites starter.

Prices were comparable to what we would have paid at the airport but so, so, so much better tasting than airport food!

After eating and walking back to the airport, we stopped at the section right inside the door. They have seating there, seating that includes rocking chairs. Hubby loves rocking chairs so we spent a good chunk of time with him rocking and me sitting with my feet up.

Definitely a nice way to spend 5 hours at the Seattle Tacoma Airport!

Here's the 13 Coins menu for future reference. Apologies for the blurriness. Not sure what happened there.