Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Caribbean Princess in Belize

Hello from Belize on a beautiful morning.

There are three ships anchored here today, our Princess ship and two Carnival ships.

Belize is another tender port. Usually in Belize I'm doing some snorkel excursion (which are always good ones) but this trip I'm trying to make plans around what hubby can do. And he can't snorkel and doesn't want to sit on a snorkel boat in the heat. It's a hot one out today. We've been wandering the ship and taking photos for some Cruise Ship Saturday videos and I filmed one Tuesday Tutorial. At some point today I was hoping to interview a crew member for the new book but that may need to wait until turnaround day. It's a pretty packed day without even going ashore! We've been to Belize several times before and will be back again in November so we're not too worried that we're missing anything by not going ashore on this trip.

One thing we ran across on the ship today was some new seating and menu. It's a place called the Wake View bar - which really is just a seating area - with a limited appetizer menu.

Not sure we'll partake in their offerings, but pretty funny that after a week and a half on the ship we finally found this place.

On to the buffet itself...I visited with the supervisor the other day. I hardly ever complain but this thing of not being served drinks until forever is getting old. It's unfortunate because the food in the buffet here is amazing. Probably the best of the fleet right now. It's the service that just plain sucks. Like I said, as an experiment I've been timing how long it takes for someone to offer drinks at dinner.

The time has ranged from six minutes to 20 minutes. Two nights ago it was 15 minutes. Ugh.

But last night, after having talked with the supervisor, I didn't even need to start the timer. Drinks came right away and I noticed the crew members working in the buffet were hustling. I hope it's a permanent change, not a temporary one.

It's worth mentioning again - the food is so darn good on this ship. Just last night there was chicken scallopini and meatball sliders and a lightly breaded shrimp-scallop-calamari dish. All were amazingly tasty.

Medallion™ Update:
I've combined my updates to make the progression of the roll-out more clear. 

August 18-25 updates can be found here.
August 25-Sept 1 updates can found here. 
Sept 1-8 updates can be found here.

Encouraging Word Money Pocket Drop Off:
We did several today. The crew member who found one a couple days back found another one today, the You are amazing one. Her name is Grace and she said she knew it was meant for her, like Amazing Grace. Really amazing.

We then dropped some in the Piazza and found that one of the girls that helps hubby in the morning found one in the sugar container when she was cleaning tables the other day. Her cabin mate was working and we were all talking about the encouraging notes on them. I told the cabin mate to pick one out of my hand (she couldn't see the saying so it was like a pick a card, any card kind of trick). And she chose the the Never Give Up one. The two girls had a laugh and an oh my gosh and an I can't believe it. And why? Because in their cabin they have a poster. A poster that says Never Give Up. How awesome is that?

Tomorrow we're off to Cozumel.

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