Saturday, August 18, 2018

Caribbean Princess Embarkation Day

You know about my Tutorial Tuesdays .
You know about my Wanderlust Wednesdays.
You know about my Cruise Ship Saturdays.

But did you know this particular Cruise Ship Saturday I am doing my writing from a cruise ship?

Yep, today we boarded the Caribbean Princess for our umpteenth cruise. We have a week of ports we've been to before, but a week of new things, too.

Hubby's recovering nicely. 24 hours of Tylenol PM and rest and ice and ice and more ice (thumb, knee, elbow, and that poor now-purple eye) made him feel well enough for us to walk to the pier this morning. We stayed at a hotel less than a mile away from Pier 2 so it was an easy walk.

Pier 2 at Port Everglades was updated last year with new decor. Unfortunately some of the folks working at the pier seemed to be in need of an upgrade on the information they were doling out. More than one contradicted something someone else had just said. It may be they were a bit frazzled having to explain every single thing to all the new cruisers. Hubby thought we needed t-shirts with some kind of saying on it. Something like, Hey, we're experienced cruisers. Leave us alone. Or We already know. Or We aren't stupid. 

Caribbean Princess is a Medallion Classship and our deck (Lido, also Riviera) are running the Medallions this week. We received the Medallions at check in along with our cruise cards and a lanyard.

I've combined the Medallion information to make the progression of the roll-out more clear. Click here for more info:
August 18-25 updates can be found here.
August 25-Sept 1 updates can found here. 
Sept 1-8 updates can be found here.

And a couple random things:
*Lifejackets for kids were available at the pool.

*We have an amazing cabin steward. He offered to change out our mini bar for us - that's the first time we've ever had that offer.

We're off to Princess Cays tomorrow.

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