Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 602

Every two weeks we are reminded how blessed we are for the way things are turning out.

Every two weeks hubby has to go for lab tests to check kidney function. While we don't have the results back from today's test, they have been improving for the last few weeks. But that's not the biggest appreciation part.

It's being at the doctor's office itself.

The kidney specialist shares office space with the dialysis office. And the dialysis place is such a sad place. Patients who look so very ill and worn down. Caregivers who look just as bad. People who are in it for the long haul, most with no chance of ever returning to a carefree, healthy life.

That could have been us. When hubby was first diagnosed in July we were given the dialysis/never return to a normal life prognosis. Now every time we leave the doctor's office we can't believe the gift we've been given. The gift of returning health. The gift of seeing a sliver of normalcy returning to our lives. While not out of the woods yet, he has come so far.Yep, he's missing several months of work. Yep, he's lost a bunch of weight. Yep, his stamina still isn't up to par. But to think where he was - in a wheelchair, unable to walk - makes us realize how miraculous the recovery has been so far.

I wonder if we'll ever have the same look on life. It really has changed our perspective.

As does making quilts for a little boy who has a dad stationed far away from home right now.