Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 585

When hubby was turning 50 a couple years back I gave him a choice of birthday presents to celebrate the milestone. A trip to Italy or an automatic sprinkler system. Being he was the one in charge of the lawn and all the watering and moving of hoses and sprinklers, he chose the automatic sprinkler system.

I'm glad he made that choice. Because if it weren't for that choice I wouldn't have today's pictures.

Two more things to know:
*We are on our last week of irrigation water and we've been keeping the sprinkler system going since we won't be able to water again until next spring.
*It was very cold last night.

How cold? Well, one of our sprinklers that hits a low-hanging branch in the backyard resulted in this. I couldn't decide which view I liked best so I'm posting all three.