Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 600

On Day 1 I took a picture of some pincushions I had made. Other pictures...

Day 100 - a rose in our garden
Day 200 - a giveaway of things I had made for the tutorials
Day 300 - snowman pin tutorial
Day 400 - clouds out the sunroof of my then-new car
Day 500 - Skagway, Alaska

Day 600 - spent in beautiful Sun Valley.

What does one do in Sun Valley in the fall? Take lots of pictures, of course!

Sit in the warm sun outside the Sun Valley Inn.
Head over to the lodge. Take a peek at the swans in the pond out front.
Head out back of the lodge to the outdoor ice rink and watch up and coming ice skaters.
Snap a picture of Mt. Baldy from the parking lot. No snow yet!
Marvel at the beautiful foliage outside the hotel room window.

But, a few hours later...

Try and take a picture of the barn outside Sun Valley.

Head back to the parking lot to take a new picture of Mt. Baldy. Too snowy.
Find a fence made of skis.
Head to the park to take lots and lots of pictures of fall foliage in the snow.
Poor hubby. No matter how tight he makes the belt, he's lost so much weight his pants just won't stay up. He's spent the last few days holding them up by hand.

Bear with me...I kind of got picture crazy for Day 600! There were just too many beautiful pictures to be had.

The best Day 600 ever!