Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 590

Veggie garden frozen out and done for the year.
All charity quilts quilted.
195 Christmas stockings for Stockings for Soldiers sewn together.
Kidney specialist appointment.
Neurologist appointment.

It's been a busy week. Time for an update.

Hubby's kidneys are continuing to improve. They're having him cut back a bit on the steroids now to see if the improvements are going to "stick". If the kidneys continue to improve on a lower dose the doctor expects he may fully recover. If his kidneys don't improve on the lower dose there may permanent damage. The next few weeks of tests will tell.

The next few weeks will also hold answers to the tremors he has been having. The neurologist almost ruled out Parkinson's - another wait and see game. Same with his numb feet. It may be permanent nerve damage from the kidney failure.

To sum it all is too soon to tell what the future holds, but kidney function is heading in the right  direction.

Today's picture has nothing to do with anything but my scrap basket that is now empty. Empty of scraps, but not of you-know-who.