Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 601

Boy, how I wanted to plop myself down in front of a fireplace and watch the snow falling yesterday. But I had to be back at work today so that didn't happen. Back to reality. Back to a kitty cat who was oh-so-happy to see us. Back to my work goal.

Last year I spent my time carrying a big bag. Full of binders and folders and papers, I carried/lugged that thing everywhere. This year I'm working on making that heavy load obsolete.

A paperless work environment, that's my goal. Every day I get closer and closer. And thanks to the iPad case I made, I'm just about there.

Padded space for the iPad. A pocket for the cell phone and a spot for a pen and small note pad (just in case). Zippered pocket for my Altoids. Handles for carrying.

Designed by me. (While I'm proud to claim the design I'm embarrassed to claim the uneven stitches.)