Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 501: Juneau

Today was the second attempt at getting up Mt. Roberts Tramway in Juneau. Last week it was rainy, today it was not.
From the top of mountain I could see everything. The town, mountains, the cruise ship.
I even saw a bald eagle that had been shot in the beak and has a torn retina. The bird has recovered all he can, but is unable to be released back into the wild. He still can fly though, and gave me quite a start when he headed toward me as I was snapping a picture.

After coming down the mountain, I found the quilt shop I was looking for. No sale items (which means no purchase for me) but I discovered buttons. They had two separate cases of buttons of all shapes and sizes. I wonder what my mom would think of all these.
These last few days I’ve put quite a few miles on these feet. I’m quite surprise that I’ve kept my stamina up with all this walking. A long day, a full day, another day of pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do. Who knew I really would go up and down in a tram, look out over (and down) viewing platforms with absolutely no fear of heights? And who knew I could walk this much? Although, I have to admit today I had to take quite a few sit down breaks on my way back to the cruise ship. I wasn’t the only one taking a break.

The ravens sure seem used to people.

A nice sunset out our balcony is a good way to end a day. Full disclosure, though – I took this picture last night as we left Skagway and passed by Haines, Alaska.