Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 503: Birthday at Sea

How does one celebrate their 47th birthday while on a cruise ship? You:
  • eat a bowl of Special K at breakfast. Alone.  
  • thank your room steward for the birthday decorations out your door.
  • have a pepperoni and red onion pizza for lunch and eat it while watching the ocean waves. Alone. 
  • stand in the “Dessert Extravaganza” line by yourself to snag the desserts you missed getting to taste last week.
  • think the vanilla cake is going to taste the best, but it doesn’t. 
  • take the jello dessert back to your room and stick it in your fridge but find out later your husband ate it. 
  • look forward to a nice sit down dinner in the dining room, but knowing you’ll be alone it’ll probably be the buffet line instead.
All these wonderful experiences I’ve had these last couple weeks – all the confidence I’ve built, the things I’ve done and seen – it’s not enough to get me out of the funk (yes, I’m being selfish right now) of not hearing Happy Birthday from my husband. Here’s hoping I hear it from him before the day is over. If not, I have a cake Princess sent my way that will have to do.