Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 491: At Sea

Today was our first full day at sea. What does one do when you are on a cruise ship all day? As you can imagine, it had something to do with food.

It started with a beautiful morning on the balcony and some room service. I've never seen melons chopped so small!

Then we headed out to watch a fruit carving. What talent! But I kept thinking, I could use those in my juice.

Today was a special British pub lunch. Bangers and mash were on the menu but we opted for the fish and chips with mushed peas. It was all so delicious - even the peas. I cleaned my plate.

It was formal night for dinner. Since we ate in the main dining room it was a four course meal. My choices:

Appetizer - Crabmeat quiche.
 Soup - Chicken wonton.
Main entree - Seared halibut on a bed of swiss chard.
Dessert - Strawberry cheesecake.
I made sure I did not clean my plate. What a load of food!

We then stopped by as they were putting the finishing touches on the champagne waterfall. We passed on partaking.
I did partake in their Mai Tai drink special of the day when we attended the comedy show.
Then as I was loading all the pictures into the computer tonight, hubby spied a humpback whale right off our balcony.
A very full (and filling) day.