Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 453

I almost went into work today but I talked myself out of it. It's a bad time of year at work, a time that takes all my time. I knew going into this job it would be this way, but it probably doesn't help that I'm trying to get ready for a yard sale, too.

So while I didn't go into work today, I did work from home on not fun work stuff. But I also did home stuff. I went through books for the yard sale and put some more fabric up on ebay. I picked out the Win It Wednesday prize for this week (if you like chickens you might like this one) and got working on another kids' quilt.

And I'm cleaning up my dinner diet and am planning on having juice for dinner instead of having it for lunch. At lunch I had tuna fish on double fiber bread with some veggie chips on the side. Interesting-looking veggie chips. Who knew a taro root chip would look like this?