Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 443

Today was the last day of school at my husband's school and, as usual, the seniors pranked the school last night. In the past they have put an outhouse on top of the school, welded pieces of a car around the flagpole, and covered the grounds with realtor for sale signs. Last night they did their pranks inside the school building. My husband's room was one of those that received some attention. If my husband had a camera with him this morning I would be posting a picture of the sight he saw.

As a high school teacher, something he hears from kids year after year is
That sucks.
The assignment sucks.
That test sucks.
to which hubby always replies
Then get a straw.

When he opened his classroom door this morning, he found straws all over his room. Lots of straws. Thousands of straws. (Hubby actually was quite excited - now he'll never again have to take a straw to school for his juice!)

Since he didn't have a camera, today's picture winds up being another end of the school year related picture - the wall quilt I finished for the fellow retiring. A second bonus picture happened today when we came the back way home from the store and stopped at the lake to drink some juice we had bought. I thought the dead tree in the water looked interesting.

Fish, water, dead trees, and straws. An interesting day for us both. And I can't forget the Win it Wednesday prize winner. Congrats to...Kristin!